Uriah Najoqui

A tall, fit man appearing to be of his early thirties, most often seen in grease-stained work clothes


Officially, Uriah is owner of a small mechanic’s shop on Tattooine. While he is in fact a very skilled mechanic – more of an engineer, really – he downplays his skill in order to avoid drawing too much attention. The PCs fill the role of apprentice mechanics, an easy cover to maintain as it is so close to the truth. The reality is that the PCs are apprentices of a much different sort; they are padawans, secretly studying the ways of the force after finding their way to him several years ago, after Order 66 saw the Jedi nearly wiped from the galaxy.

His only companion, apart from the PCs, is a small, heavily upgraded monitor droid almost always seen floating around him. The droid is fitted with several mechanical tools and voice-activated controls for his entire workspace, though he appears to have developed a touch more attachment to the thing than it’s practical purpose alone would warrant.


Uriah has chosen to share precious little of his past, though a few major events have been told to the PCs. It is known that he began his training as a child, while the Jedi remained at their prime, an important and respected partner to the republic, in both diplomacy and war. While evidence of this is fervently sought out and destroyed by the Empire, the way he tells it, the Jedi have a history as a force for good in the galaxy that stretches back millenia. They were a deciding factor in many great wars, and no other sort of warrior was as fearsome. He tells such tales as these rarely and sadly, for he has no idea how many Jedi remain in the galaxy. Likely you have enough fingers to count every one, he has been known to say.

Returning to his story, he studied with the Jedi for several years before they fell, becoming a padawan and even seeing a battle or two in the Clone Wars. He survived by simple luck, having been lightyears from the nearest clone battalion on a scouting mission with his master. They received a brief message, and were able to evade the clone forces sent to kill them for several years. They were constantly on the run for over a decade, the protection of the force only getting them so far in the face of an entire empire’s tireless, determined pursuit. Eventually, they found themselves cornered and Uriah’s master sacrificed himself so that his student would have some hope of surviving long enough to pass on the Jedi tradition. He tells you that he eventually eluded the Empire by faking his own death, getting his ship shot down over a highly volcanic world while he was believed to be at its helm.

After that, he chose to indulge his passion for machinery by employing it as his cover, risking exposure only when the life of another force-sensitive was in danger.

Uriah Najoqui

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